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Ordering the Circuit Board

You can order a version of the circuit board from OSH Park. It costs about $60 and you get three copies of the board.

Alternatively, you can upload the Gerber files to a fabrication service yourself, either OSH Park, Advanced Circuits, AP Circuits, or a number of others. Each time I order boards, I save the Gerber files in my GitHub repository, in a directory named according to the date. Find the latest here: LCD variant, LED matrix variant.

There are a few different files in the directory:

You’ll need to upload these (typically in a single zip file) and sometimes specify which file is what. This is a two-layer board, 5.15″ x 2.3″, and the standard options for board thickness (0.62″), copper weight (1 oz), and solder mask should be fine. You’ll want to get solder mask and silk-screen on both sides. Getting the corners rounded might count as a complex shape and cost extra; I think it’s worth it but it’s not necessary.

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    Some PCB services might expect different extensions, so you might need to rename some files first.

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