Fab Speakers

Getting the parts

Design Files

Structure: fab-speakers.svg.zip (Inkscape), fab-speakers-structure.pdf
Eagle: fab-speakers-eagle.zip
Bill of Materials (BOM): fab-speakers-bom.pdf
Schematic: fab-speakers-schematic.pdf
Gerbers: fab-speakers-gerbers.zip

Materials (Electronics)

Circuit Board (PCB): on OSH Park: $23.10 (for three boards) + shipping
Electronic Components: from Digi-Key (see bill-of-materials), $17.93 + shipping
Speaker Wire: from RadioShack, $5.69 + shipping

Materials (Other)

You can order the laser cut parts on Ponoko (click “add to personal factory”) for $19.53 + shipping. Or cut them yourself from 1/4″ or 6 mm plywood. Use 1 9/16″ (or 1 1/2″) birch veneer w/ iron-on adhesive (e.g. from Rockler for $9.69 + shipping). Pick whatever fabric you like.


You’ll need a soldering iron, wire strippers, sandpaper, a hammer, and an iron (if using iron-on veneer edging) or wood glue (for other veneer).


For instructions on putting together the Fab Speakers, download the instruction booklet (PDF). If you have questions, check out the DIY Devices Forum. It’s a (nascent) community for people building the fab speakers and other devices. (Note that new user registrations have to be manually approved. If you’re having trouble, please email me at mellis@media.mit.edu.)

Also, see these photo sets on Flickr: soldering the electronic components and assembling the speakers.

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