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Electronics Lab

This is a list of supplies for outfitting an electronics lab. It doesn’t include any circuit boards or electronic components, just general purpose tools and equipment that you can use across many different projects.

Suppliers: Adafruit Industries [AF], SparkFun Electronics [SF], Digi-Key [DK]


2 x Weller WES51 Soldering Station [DK]: quality soldering iron
4 x Replacement Tips (ETU, 0.15″) [DK]: a good fine tip
4 x Replacement Sponge [DK]

2 x Solder (Regular) [DK, SF]: for through-hole components
2 x Solder (Fine) [DK, SF]: for surface-mount components
5 x Solder Wick (Desoldering Braid) [DK, SF, AF]

2 x Flux Pen [DK, SF]: for better solder connections and rework

1 x Brass Sponge w/ Base [SF, AF]: for cleaning soldering iron tip
1 x Replacement Brass Sponge [SF]


5 x Diagonal Cutters [SF, DK, AF]: for cutting wire
5 x Needle Nose Pliers [SF, DK, AF]: always useful
5 x Tweezers [SF, DK, AF]: good for SMD soldering
3 x Wire Strippers [SF, DK, AF]: with holes for multiple gauges
1 x Vise [DK, SF, AF]: for holding circuit boards while soldering them
1 x Solder Sucker [SF, AF]
2 x Helping (Third) Hand: [SF, AF]
1 x Calipers
3 x Knives


4 x Multimeters [DK, SF, AF]: Digi-Key one is nicer and smaller; SparkFun one is cheaper.
1 x Oscilloscope (optional) [SF, AF]
1 x Bench Power Supply (optional) [SF]


Component Drawers (Plastic Small-Parts Drawer Cabinets) from McMaster-Carr, e.g. two or three of the 39-drawer cabinets.
Storage Bins from McMaster-Carr, e.g. Easy-to-Assemble Cardboard Bin Boxes or Stackable Plastic Bin Boxes.

Originally posted to the High-Low Tech website.

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