Connected Devices

Connected Devices

In this six-week course, participants will design and produce an internet-connected electronic device, while learning the basics of physical computing, circuit board design, microcontroller programming, and soldering. These devices will provide physical interfaces to online information or websites, e.g. displaying weather, social media updates, or news headlines on a small screen; logging sensor data to an online website; or allowing remote individuals to communicate using custom physical interfaces. In the first half of the course, participants will prototype the behavior and interaction of their devices using the Arduino platform, getting an introduction to electronics and programming. In the second half, they will design their devices for one-off production using digital fabrication processes. (opening survey)

Thanks to Santiago Alfaro and Alexis Hope for their help with the workshop!

Examples & Technology

Photos of the example products are on Flickr and the design files for the examples are on GitHub.

We’re using the AVR ATmega1284P microcontroller from Atmel and TI’s CC3000 wifi module for connectivity, with the Wicked Device WildFire for prototyping and the Adafruit CC3000 Breakout Board on our custom circuit boards.


Photos of the workshop are available on Flickr.

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